Caffe Vibrato is a family owned business passionate about exceptional products. We proudly brew Terrelli coffee and espresso which is roasted here in Vancouver. Our gelato is made locally by Mario's. Monte Cristo Bakery in Burnaby supplies us with a delicious selection of loaves and bagels. We are committed to continually seeking out the yummiest recipes and tastiest treats from other small locally owned businesses.

Free wi-fi makes the café a great place to study or catch up on your emails. Challenge a friend to beat you at Scrabble or one of our many other board games. Relax with the news paper in a cozy chair. If you are a book worm, join us for our monthly book club!

We employ some of Coquitlam's most discerning coffee and treats consumers! Our staff is highly involved in the selection of new treats, snacks and drinks here at the café. It's a tough job... but we are up to the task of eating all those goodies so our guests are offered only the best!

Please contact Jennifer for more information on booking the cafe as a venue!